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An international law firm providing first class services

10 years of experience

Both locally and internationally, we realized the latent need for a law firm that went beyond simple paperwork and mere procedures.

The difference

Principles, professionalism, perseverance, work, integrity, respect, ethics, persistence, are also vital to achieve the best results, regardless of the aspect of life in question

We believe that the long-term success of the Firm, not of one person or group, should be the main guide of our decisions.

We also believe that the most talented lawyers want to offer their services in a truly effective way, and that the Firm must strengthen the skills of our lawyers. We recognize that the principles expressed are not unique to CCI® . What is unusual is the fact that the Firm is effectively managed through the active application of these principles.

CCI® is constantly growing due to the number and type of services requested from the Firm by our clients, which generates constant strength and satisfaction for them.

Why is CCI® different?

Our core values have been the foundation of our Firm since its inception; they guide our lawyers in providing services to our clients. These values are determining factors in the Firm's approach to each issue it faces, be it internal or external.

Customer service
Customer service is the main goal of any law firm. The quality of the service determines its growth and success. CCI® has grown from a small firm to a large and strong institution since its inception in 2005. There must be an explanation for the success of CCI® other than simply the skill of our lawyers. We believe that the manner in which we have applied our founding values in running the Firm is an important reason for our success in satisfying our clients.