January 27, 2022
Corporate Law
January 27, 2022
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Litigation and arbitration

Tax Advice

We provide specialized advice on tax matters related to the structuring, negotiation and implementation of structures and transactions, providing a clear vision of their tax effects.

Our expert team in the tax area has extensive experience and knowledge that allow us to provide legal solutions, meeting the needs of each of our clients in the industry or sector in which they work.

Labor law

From recruitment to the end of the employment relationship, we provide transparent and comprehensive advice, so that our clients can anticipate and avoid problems, effectively and sensitively dealing with negotiations with committees, unions, representatives of collective labor relations and labor regulations.

Criminal Law

The CCI® team will accompany you in any need you have to solve criminal problems that require advice and support throughout the trial.

Collection Management

We collect debts with a strategic planning of collections either to companies, individuals or to the State.

Consumer Protection

The law applicable to consumer protection is a legislative field that covers different types of scenarios, including credit problems, credit reports, illegal debt collection practices, and the breach of contracts and commercial promises, as well as other disputes with merchants.

Family Law

At CCI® we are experts in all the laws that regulate family relationships. Our team is comprised of professionals who have handled family cases for over ten years. This area includes divorces, child support collections, restraining orders, and any procedures involving the needs of the family.