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January 27, 2022
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Mining Law

We advise on processes of sale, acquisition and consolidation of mining projects. We assist our clients in their interaction with the administrative authorities, in the negotiation of their stability and legal security agreements, in the fulfillment of their mining obligations and in auditing and control processes. Likewise, our experience in related matters, such as indigenous and environmental law, among others, allows us to have a global vision of the project from the regulatory point of view, adding value to the decisions of our clients and allowing us to provide comprehensive advice that satisfies the most demanding requirements.


Our services in the bidding area include: Participation in all stages of the bidding process; design of bidding bases and their annexes; advice on the preparation of proposals for bidders; accompaniment to our clients from the beginning of the tender, until the adjudication of the project in question, representation and advice of the client in the development of the project itself. Our comprehensive legal practice allows a unique offer for our clients, including basically all types of projects.