Real Estate and Asset Protection
January 27, 2022
Litigation and arbitration
January 27, 2022
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Contract management and negotiation

Our Contract Management and Negotiation services include: drafting of contracts, review of contracts/risk analysis, contract formats, support in negotiating contracts with clients and suppliers, provisional / permanent solutions, legal training, regular monitoring of the performance of our clients' suppliers, renegotiation of terms and conditions in the renewal of contracts and generation of skills for risk control

Purchasing management

Our focus is on improving purchasing management in organizations and the management of large and complex purchasing projects. Over the years we have acquired extensive experience in bidding processes, both national and international, including the supply of goods and services, information and technology, telecommunications, logistics, storage, as well as housing for our clients' executives, bringing together extensive knowledge of market prices and legal issues in other specific sectors.

Technology acquisitions

Members of our practice understand the risks and demands inherent in technology contracts, which can run into the millions of dollars and often grow incorrectly unless managed with extensive industry knowledge and experience, such as our Firm does. We provide real value to both buyers and sellers in the acquisition of information technology (IT) systems and services.